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A little bit about Scleroderma Canada.

Scleroderma Canada is a CRA registered national charity serving the Canadian scleroderma community. We are the national advocate for those affected by this rare and difficult disease. Established in 1999, we have worked collaboratively with regional and international organizations to bring health care research, education and clinical care together to ensure those affected by scleroderma have access to the latest advances in care. 

By engaging in activities aligned to Scleroderma Canada’s core pillars (Patient Support, Research and Awareness), we will work towards:

Image by Clay Banks
  1. Developing patient education and bring patients together in peer to peer groups

  2. Granting research funding requests and facilitating grant requests for external research funding

  3. Increasing awareness of Scleroderma through out annual campaigns and activities planned across Canada

  4. Advocacy

Board of Directors

Our Community

Friends of Scleroderma Canada

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