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Scleroderma Canada is here to help.

As a strategy to help successfully manage the signs and symptoms of scleroderma, and as a way for patients to stay informed about medical treatments and lifestyle choices that effectively relieve or delay the progress of disease symptoms, many new patients find it helpful to seek support from other people diagnosed with scleroderma.

It is important that scleroderma patients receive good medical care and support from as many different sources as possible:  health care professionals, family and friends, and others living with scleroderma.

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Knowing that one is not alone in their diagnosis and management of a chronic systemic autoimmune disease may be helpful, as it provides the opportunity to build connections with others who are learning to manage, with scleroderma, the variety of issues that affect their daily lives.

Patient Forum

Dear Patients, Medical Professionals, Supporters and Advocates: 


Our community healthcare forums offer resources, advice and an opportunity for discussion on topics relevant to the scleroderma community. Evidence-based information is provided on a wide range of medical and health topics such as symptoms and health issues, treatment, medications and more.


Connect with us at or toll free 1-866-776-7776 to learn more about forums being held in your community.

Provincial Organizations

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