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David Shea Memorial

Patient Support Program

Living with Scleroderma often leads to unexpected expenses, creating a financial burden on families to the point where patients may opt to decline

recommended treatments. To assist with these financial hardships, the

Scleroderma Society of Nova Scotia has established a patient support program, named in memory of David Shea.

David Shea

David Shea passed away at the age of 33 while living with Scleroderma. The Patient Support Program has been established in David’s memory and in honour of his

work with the Society.


Program Eligibility

Any adult or child undergoing treatment

or being followed by a health professional within the Province of Nova Scotia is

eligible to apply to the Patient Support Program for financial assistance.

Assistance Availability

Expenses for those living with Scleroderma vary in frequency, type and amount. All expenses will be considered by the Patient Support Program for full or partial reimbursement.

Patients requesting financial assistance are asked to apply in writing. All requests will be reviewed by a committee of the Society.

A copy of expense receipts must accompany all claims.


Working For You

The Scleroderma Society of Nova Scotia has been established to assist those living with the disease in our home province. The Patient Support Program is one example of how the Society is working to enrich the lives of Scleroderma patients.

Application Process

To apply for reimbursement, please return the attached application, along with a copy of expense receipts, in one of the following ways:



Scleroderma Society of Nova Scotia

Patient Support Fund

6155 North Street

Post Office Box 31102, Gladstone St.

Halifax, NS

B3K 4P0


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