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My Scleroderma Story

My Scleroderma Story

Scleroderma Society of Ontario launched "My Scleroderma Story" in June 2022 to support our largest fundraising campaign of the year, Make a Move for Scleroderma. We were thrilled to see how much momentum the trend carried and the support we received from our community. By sharing scleroderma stories, we can amplify awareness and knowledge of the disease growing our community of supporters, one scleroderma champion at a time!

You can share your scleroderma story, even if you don't live with scleroderma yourself. For example, you could be...

  • A friend or family member supporting someone who lives with scleroderma

  • A doctor who supports patients who live with scleroderma, or a doctor that is/has researched scleroderma

  • An individual and/or volunteer who is passionate about supporting and spreading awareness for scleroderma

  • Anything!

Ready to share your story? Submit your story through this formEmail us at to learn more.

#MySclerodermaStory shared by SSO Board Member, Silvia Petrozza.

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