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Scleroderma Canada

41 King William St., Suite 203
Hamilton, Ontario L8R 1A2
Toll Free 1-866-279-0632





Scleroderma Canada continues to have a strong national and international presence, advocating for patients and families living with this progressive, chronic and debilitating disease.


I am thrilled to be working with an amazing board, dedicated volunteers and a committed team of national and international health professionals. We have established our reputation as a leading voice for scleroderma patients and we continue to provide leading-edge resources to both patients and health professionals.


Our community engagement has achieved outstanding results as evidenced by our successful ‘Hard Word Harder Disease’ campaign, strong participation rates in our annual conferences and growing involvement in local walks/runs. In addition, our distribution of the Scleroderma Canada magazine continues to grow, allowing us to share the latest in research, advocacy strategies and inspirational stories in both print and electronic formats, thereby effectively reaching communities across the nation.


Scleroderma Canada will continue to engage in advocacy, support research and work with provincial, national and international partners to disseminate current and relevant information on scleroderma. I invite you to join us at our annual national conference to learn from and engage with patients, health professionals and researchers in the field of scleroderma.


Jason Doucette

President Scleroderma Canada


Scleroderma Canada is governed by a duly elected Board of Directors.

  • President: Jason Doucette

  • Past President: Steve Kulakowsky

  • President Elect: Colin Magee

  • Secretary: Gillian Little

  • Committee Chairs:

    • Advocacy: Maureen Worron-Sauvé

  • Provincial Representatives: Karen Nielsen (ON), Jason Doucette (NS/Atlantic), Gillian Little (AB), Tracey Magee (SK)

2018 - 2019 AGM REPORT

To view our 2019 Financial Statement, please click here.


Scleroderma Canada welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organizations and groups. Current partners in our vision include: