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Although there isn’t a cure for scleroderma there are effective treatment options that help alleviate symptoms and slow down disease progression.  Current prescription and over-the-counter medication are designed to treat scleroderma by targeting: 1) inflammation, 2) autoimmunity, 3) vascular disease, and 4) tissue fibrosis.  As a medical doctor or health care professional caring for persons with scleroderma, it is important to ensure patients understand the nature of the medications they may be prescribed and how they work to help control disease symptoms from progressing.  Patient knowledge is powerful, as it reduces fear and increases compliance, resulting in a higher percentage of successful treatment.

To learn more about prescription and over-the-counter medication as well as new medications, supplements and herbal remedies, vidsit the U.S. National Library of Medicine. National Institutes of Health has developed the "MedlinePlus" web-site, which can be found at:

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